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Now, sometimes a man like your brother really finds a thing he does mean. It may be only a half-truth, quarter-truth, tenth-truth; but then he says more than he means — from sheer force of meaning it. She was looking at him from under level brows; her face was grave and open, and there had fallen upon it the shadow of that unreasoning responsibility which is at the bottom of the most frivolous woman, the maternal watch which is as old as the world. Ella lo miraba fijamente. Syme broke into a great laugh, that seemed too large for his slight and somewhat dandified figure. Eso sólo se hace bajo el disfraz del anónimo. Syme strolled with her to a seat in the corner of the garden, and continued to pour out his opinions. For he was a sincere man, and in spite of his superficial airs and graces, at root a humble one.

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The first chapter examines theoretical concepts as of cultural studies and media studies en route for consider how evolving reading and performance practices in Spain engendered new forms of social and cultural engagement along with modernity. Chapter two explores how newspapers and commercial theater works adopted a fragmentary aesthetic that embodied the budding realities of the modern, industrialized capital and performed new modes of collective interaction and emerging narratives of Spanish nationalism. The third chapter takes the illustrious career of Carlos Arniches at the same time as a case study of the interconnections between the commercial and artistic theater, arguing that his later work utilizes the stereotypes and facile comicity of the commercial theater as the base for a more thoughtful critique of the dehumanizing tendencies of modern association. This study concludes with a consideration on directions that future studies of the relationships between mass media, document practices, performing arts, and popular activity might take through a brief concern of the lasting legacy of the nineteenth-century commercial stage in cinema after that socially-engaged theater in Spain through the s. In the final analysis, average are a conduit of human communication and arise to meet the collective needs of a population in a given historical moment. By bringing our examinations of drama into contact along with the broader contours of modern average culture, we see how the amateur dramatics arts fit within a much larger cultural process.

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Potentes focos iluminaban los arcos, dando efecto de un amanecer inverso, pues época desde poniente desde donde venía la luz y no desde el madrugada, que este mes de abril empezaba a ofrecernos con tono desvaído, empero ya firme y localizable. El atascamiento, a pesar de la hora, se había formado, y los coches y autobuses no se movían. Decidí bajarme y andar hasta otra línea que me llevase a la estación. Junto a donde estaba parada, de un Mercedes grande, se bajó un macho que se encontraba en el asiento del pasajero.

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